Photo: Kathy Diener




APRIL 25                     PUNTHARI                                                      Julie S


Half day ride with lunch back at the floats.



MAY 2             KUITPO – Christmas Hill                                            Kay


Morning ride 2-3 hours and lunch back at the floats.


MAY 15-22      ARGADELLS STATION                                                Pam


Camping for a week in the Flinders Ranges at Argadells Station, just north of Quorn.



JUNE 11-14     CADELL 3 day ride                                                     Sandra/Peter


A great weekend by the Murray River. Camp in a lovely setting right on the banks of the river and ride across on the ferry, quite an experience for you and your horse. Enjoy the sunsets and fun around the campfire in a 5-star campsite with toilets, hot/cold showers and water for your horse.  You need to bring everything for you and your horse to camp.  Portable yard is preferred.  More details in next newsletter.


JUNE 27           Trail Ride Novelty Challenge  Monarto South       Carole

The ride will take between two and two and a half hours depending on the number of riders and how long is spent at each novelty.  The ride will be entirely on my 93 acre property and include several novelties to be completed individually. Completion times and scores will be recorded. The novelties are all optional. A small prize will be awarded to the overall winner.


The ground is mainly sandy and slightly undulating although there will be one short section that is fairly rocky. Be prepared to bend and duck since the ride will include several single file sections through trees.


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